Still Holding On…

Found this little write-up in my one of my school books yesterday. I’d no idea I’ve written something like this years back, as a teenager. Back then and even know, I’m still in search of something that makes me feel safe and accepted. Looks like a post when I was body-shamed badly by some good friends or the family. Because I have horrible memories and experiences of facing humiliation for the same. Sadly, even after so many years, nothing has changed.

I can’t believe I’d written something like this when I was just 14-15. I can’t even recollect what was my state of mind when I poured my thoughts into a book.


She was holding on for too long;
On those emotions and a love song.
All the chaos in her mind,
But, silence all around.
The obviously terrible indication,
That she was alone in the crowd.
Every time she made a move,
She was betrayed, rejected, and unaccepted.
This girl lost faith in being good,
She turned bad in one night of the moon.
The world kept whispering about her change,
And there she was full of ego for revenge.
The cruel world still keeps judging,
Why dwell on to those who just keep lying?
All she could do was stand strong to her,
The little she had was better than the world shelf!


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