Alone? It’s Okay!

We human beings are weird. We always feel the need to talk to someone; need to have someone around us. The thought of being alone scares a lot of people. It’s not their fault completely. Since our childhood, we’ve been around lots of people. That’s how we build up our mind that people are really necessary for our life. We have to have someone around us in our good and bad times. However, there are many who love being alone. It’s not that they aren’t fond of being in groups or are averse to being with people. This kind of species really likes the ‘me time’.

But guess what it’s not so easy to be alone in this world all the time. No, here I am not talking about how sad and lonely one feels. Because one cannot feel these unhappy emotions if they love themselves and enjoy being with own. It’s the society that gives glances that make such people feel awkward. And I am writing this to share my personal experience.


As a 22-year-old Masters students in communication and journalism, I have made very good friends in these course of years. As a media student, almost all of my friends from the same field are very fond of watching all kinds of movies. In fact, my buddies are more dedicated to cinema-viewing than I am. So, hanging near the cinema halls after the release of any movie is a must in our life. However, there are days I prefer watching movies alone in a theatre. It has nothing to do with I not liking to be with people or anything, it’s just what I can explain in today’s easy term as a ‘solo movie date’. However, last week when I went to watch a movie at a theatre in my area, I asked for a ticket. The woman at the ticket counter was bewildered and asked me if I am sure I only need one ticket. Her response surprised me and I said yes, just one ticket. Am I not audible enough? Then while the ad breaks were going in the theatre, there came a family who sat beside me. It was a family of three – husband, wife, and their 8-9-year-old daughter. The woman was sitting to my right and asked me ‘beta akeli ho kya?’ (are you alone here?). When I said yes, she started with how she feels awkward even to go to a mall alone and how today’s generation manages to come to a theatre alone and watch a 2-hour-long movie.

I wasn’t much affected by the aunt’s words but the reaction given to me by the woman at the ticket counter has etched in my mind. The reason I am writing this is to tell those people who get ‘shocked’ when they learn someone is watching a movie alone that IT’S OKAY. It’s completely normal if you see someone walking in a garden or mall alone, and no the person you saw eating alone in the cafe or restaurant is not unhappy or heartbroken. Also he/she has a good number of friends to hang out with. Just accept the fact that certain people love to be with themselves, make the self-feel special, and enjoy their own company. Do not give the weird stares. The best you can do when you see someone alone is just enjoy the moment with your loved ones and let live these solo happy souls in their heavenly world! 🙂

Image credit: Blend Beautifully


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