Chutney Review: Every Delicious Chutney Has A Horrific Backstory Worth Knowing

Tisca Chopra is one of the fantastic actors of Bollywood. The beautiful actress has turned a producer with her recent short film, Chutney.

When the short film starts, you’ll wonder where is Tisca! Well, the makeup done on her so too good and it makes her unrecogisable. She plays a simple wife, who is from Ghaziabad.

The key characters in this short film are- her husband played by Adil Hussain, and her newly married neighbour, Rasika Duggal, and her servants.

In a party, she sees the neighbour flirting with her husband. Well, she does not react to it, in fact, calls the neighbour home to teach cooking. However, the various incidents shown in it will leave you stumped. The way she indirectly warns her neighbour to stay away from her husband is horrifying and will give you chills. All this happens over a plate of pakoras and chutney Tisca’s neighbour is eating. Well, the chutney plays a really important role in the entire short film.

Tisca has given one of her finest performances. The simplicity of her character and the way it develops further will make you like her more. Trust me, after watching Chutney, you will never look at any Chutney in a normal way.

This short film will definitely make you question yourself, “Khau ya na khau?”

Don’t miss this astounding short film, Chutney.


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